Benefits Of Skipping Rope For Weight Loss-2020

Skipping Rope is one of the best tool to lose weight. Skipping involves almost all the body muscles, helping them get in shape.

Skipping rope is a total body workout, and a very effective one too. You don’t have to go to the gym or buy equipment’s to burn those calories to loose weight, all you have to do is focus on your calories intake and burn those extra calories to loose weight or stay fit.

Benefits Of Skipping Rope For Weight Loss:

  • Skipping is considered to be one of the best cardio and High-Intensity Training workouts. It helps you lose around 1074 calories per hour.
  • It helps you lose more calories/hour than running for one hour would.
  • Another advantage of a skipping ropes is that it can be easily done indoors and anytime you want.
  • Skipping ropes also helps in toning of the muscle along side burning the calories.
  • It is considered among one of the best and a very effective exercises for endurance training.
  • It also works for your arms and abs.
  • Skipping puts less pressure on the joints if compared to running.


Strauss Skipping Rope

Strauss Skipping Rope
  • Made of 3 meter solid PVC rope
  • Strong plastic long and slim shaped plastic handle.
  • Comes with various colors
  • Handles are smooth , colorful and comfortable too, and the thickness of rope is about 5 to 6 mm.
  • Lightweight and takes very little space when not in use

Vector X Skipping Rope

Vector X Skipping Rope
  • Slim Non-Slip Handles
  • Nylon Rope
  • Adjustable Length
  • Strengthens your Core Muscles
  • The item is very cheap, light weight and the correct size.
  • You can adjust the length of the rope easily.
  • It doesn’t get tangled easily, Even if it does, it is very easy to untangle it.

GOCART WITH G LOGO Jump Ropes Count Rope Skipping

GOCART WITH G LOGO Jump Ropes Sports Fitness Exercise Cotton Sponge Count Rope Skipping Wire Fitness Outdoor Sporting Skip Rope
  • BUILT IN COUNTER : counts your jumps and help you reach your limits! counts up to 999 jumps and features a reset counter button.
  • Adjustable easy to change rope length.
  • This is the best gift you can get for your family / friends, suits man women and kids, can be used of all ages

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