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TOP 7 Best Heavy Resistance Band Online

Looking for the Best Heavy Resistance Band Online? You are in the right place.

During this pandemic it is not easy to go to the gym regularly and train your different body parts, like we use to. So people like you and me use a Resistance Band just to train the body part, on the days we don’t go to the gym.

But after some days or month, you might not feel the pump which you used to when you started working out with the Resistance band.

This is why people increase the weights after some times when they are use to the old weights, this also happens with the Resistance band.

After a while its just too easy or too boring doing the same things with the same resistance band, this is where a Heavy Resistance Band come in – To help to make your workout more challenging and interesting.

In a Hurry? Our Top Pick:

  1. Kobo Power Loop/Resistance Band
  2. Boldfit Heavy Resistance Band Suitable in Home & Gym for Men & Women.
  3. Fitster5 Thicker Latex Resistance Exercise Loop Band with a Carry-on

List of Top 7 Best Heavy Resistance Band Online:

1. Boldfit Heavy Resistance Band

Boldfit Heavy Resistance Band
  • It is Made from 100% latex.
  • Comes in 5 different resistance strength levels: From X-Light to X-Heavy (X-Light for beginner and X-Heavy for easoned workout sportsman.
  • For NEXT LEVEL WORKOUTS: Best for a beginner as well as an expert.
  • Work your muscles like a heavy weights will do
  • EFFICIENT WORKOUT: Loop increase the effectiveness of your exercises.
  • Used for a range of workouts, from glute and hip activation.
  • Strength techniques to integrate seamlessly with every workout program such as Yoga, Pilates etc.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Can be used to exercise all parts of muscles such as arms, chest, abdomen, glutes and legs, also good for Recovery and to increase Mobility.

2. FEGSY Resistance Bands Loop Pull up Assist Bands

FEGSY Resistance Bands for Exercise, Stretch Loop Pull up Assist Bands
  • For effective strength-training. Can be used to train your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and butt.
  • Best for body stretching, powerlifting, mobility training, resistance training, yoga, and physical therapy.
  • This is a perfect tool to help you with your pull ups, dips or muscle-ups.
  • Can be used for most muscle rehabiliation.
  • These bands are 100% made of natural latex rubber
  • Wont lose its elasticity after being used for a long time.
  • Heavy duty material to avoid breakage or tearing.
  • Can be used with other equipment to create even more variety.

3. Fitster5 Thicker Latex Resistance Loop Band with a Carry-on

Fitster5 Thicker Latex Resistance Exercise Loop Band with a Carry-on
  • Come with 4 colors – Red (Light) Black (Medium) Green (Heavy) Orange (XX-Heavy): Choose the Black one if you are a Beginner and the Orange one if you are an advanced athlete.
  • Improves strength, range of motion and flexibility
  • Can be used anywhere be it in the clinic, the gym, at home or on the road.
  • You can train at different strength levels. A variety of resistance levels from medium to XX-heavy in different colors.
  • Allow you to target what you need with great resistances.
  • Help rehabilitate for people who suffering from legs, knees and back injuries etc.

4. Fitness Guru – Light to heavy Resistance Stretch Powerlifting Band

Fitness Guru - Pull up Assist Band Exercise Resistance Bands for Workout Body Stretch Powerlifting Band
  • MORE DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE: BLACK (75-105 LBS) Resistance latex band is a heavy duty Resistance band for Advance Athelet.
  • Choose the Red one or the Yellow one if you are a Beginner.
  • Safe and Multifunctional: Can be used to Workout your arms, back, legs and butt
  • Help strengthen torn ligaments or muscles.
  • Can be adjusted by giving more or less slack on the band.
  • Designed to support a wide range of exercises, targets specific muscle groups—from core, back and legs to chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps.
  • The circular band works well for speed and agility training, strength training, functional training, cross training and more.

5. SLOVIC Resistance Tube/Band with Foam Handles, Door Anchor

SLOVIC Resistance Tube/Band with Foam Handles, Door Anchor
  • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE RESISTANCE TONING TUBE SET: These resistance tubes with handle are heavy duty ones.
  • PHYSICAL GUIDE WITH 30+ EXERCISES : These resistance tubes come with a booklet that consists of 33 total exercises.
  • These resistance tubes can be used anywhere and you can take them and use them anywhere even when you are travelling.
  • You won’t need a gym membership after you have a SLOVIC Resistance Tube/Band to get in shape! Just follow the guide given in the Set.

6. Heavy Resistance Band Decathlon

heavy resistance band decathlon
  • Each colour corresponds to a level of resistance: Green: 15 kg // Yellow: 25 kg // Orange: 35 kg // Red: 45 kg // Black: 60 kg
  • The Training Band not only builds muscle strength but also helps you stretch
  • 2 Year Warranty
  •  It is a versatile accessory that will become an absolute must for your workouts.

7. Kobo Power Loop/Resistance Band

Kobo Power Resistance Band
  • Dynamism and versatility: Light in weight, kobo loop bands come in a variety of tensile strength
  • In-box Contents: 1 band of Tension 65 – 175 LBS
  • Level 5 band dimension: 2080 x 64 x 4.5 mm (81.9 x 2.6 x 0.2 inches)
  • Weight of band 540 grams
  • Tension 65 – 175 lbs
  • The level 5 is ideal for extremely challenging powerlifting.
  • Free workout guide booklet with the band
  • Made from thick, durable natural rubber
  • Long-lasting strength, compact portable design

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