Best Massage Chair In India With Price

Best Massage Chair In India With Price [TOP 10] ULTIMATE GUIDE

Looking for the Massage Chair online for your home or office space? After a hectic day just laying on the chair, while leaving the body free is something everyone desires.

But visiting a massage spa every time you feel hectic can be very time-consuming. Therefore having a massage chair at your home might be a wise decision.

Full body massage chairs are considered a Luxury and can be very costly but don’t worry, in this post, I have mentioned Body massager machine price ranging from as low as Rs30000 up to as high and Premium price of Rs300000.

A massage chair contains airbags in it that compress and decompressor, move left & right/up & down which improves blood circulation and relax the muscles. It is engineered with technologies like kneading, shiatsu, tapping, vibrations, etc.

In this post, I have also mentioned some factors you should know before buying your first massage chair. I have also suggested some of the best massage chairs that you can buy keeping in mind all your needs.

Top 10 Full Body Massage Chair In India With Price:

Best Massage Chair In India No. 1 : ARG AROGYA 3D Luxury Massage Chair

ARG AROGYA 3D Luxury Massage Chair

ARG AROGYA Massage Chairs is the latest and one of the most advanced massage chairs made in this decade. They have focused on biomechanics, ergonomics, and model physical therapy very carefully.

It has a total of 48 airbags in it and is equipped with zero power, zero spacing, longer curved rail massage with modern physics stretch, and also has an air pump.

This massage is very easy on the back and waist, as well as the active ligament on the lumbar and thoracic. It helps loosen the stiff muscles. A comfortable neck and shoulder massage expel aches on the cervical vertebra easily.

It also has a BlueTooth speaker in it so that you can enjoy your favorite music which massaging on this luxury chair.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 2 : Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair (Black)

Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

Robotouch Massage Chairs is one of the best and the most latest Massage chair online. It has four-wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands which is auto programmed to deliver a wide range of massages to the whole body.

It has some special features like a Convenient storage box, 3 levels of massage width adjustable, one-button recline, 3 levels of speed adjustable, Multiple position massage, and 3 level Air pressure intensity adjustable.

This massage chair is purely based on biomechanics, ergonomics, and model physical therapy. Aiming for human skeletal characteristics. It is a total of 20 airbags and 1 air pump in it.

These chairs are perfectly combined with zero power, longer curved rail massage, modern physics stretch, and points. It will bring you a supreme massage experience at home.

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Best Massage Chair In India No. 3 : JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home Full Body Relief from Stress.

JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home Full Body Relief from Stress.

The JSB MZ30 Massage chair is a Compact Full body massage chair. It has dedicated rollers that give relaxation from stiffness in many body parts like – neck, shoulder, arms, and feet.

This Massage chair has a lot of Unique Features like-

Good Blood Circulation- With the combination of Airbag Massage and Roller Massage, the chair helps in circulating good blood flow throughout the body. No matter what age group you are in, a lack of blood circulation may bring health issues.

Pain Relief- One of the benefits which you will get while using JSB MZ30 is pain relief in all the stressed muscles. It also has a Foot Rollers attached with the chair which helps to remove the stiffness in the foot, thus bringing down the pain. Moreover, the extendable footrest gives a relaxing experience to your foot.

Space Saver- The JSB MZ30 is designed to save space for your home and office. It also comes with a body sensor which gives an effective massaging experience to all the areas of your body.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 4: Osim Full Body Massage Chair

Osim Full Body Massage Chair

OSIM uInfinity Full Body Massage Chairs is among the world’s most innovative massage chairs, with features like the groundbreaking Human-Smart Massage Technology.

It comprises a potent combination of three complementary innovations, The Human-Smart Massage Technology not only delivers the most humanized massage feel, but it also renews the uInfinity constantly.

By downloading future new massage programs into these chairs, helps you and your family with endless massage pleasures and well-being.

Osim Massage Chair has some of the most amazing & different kinds of Massage features like Kneading massage, Tapping Massage, Full rolling Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Lifestyle Massage.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 5: Robotouch Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Robotouch Zero Gravity Massage Chair india

Robotouch Luxury zero gravity massage chair India is designed especially with a set of vertically movable, which has four-wheel and has amazing massage methods like shiatsu kneading, flapping, knocking, simultaneous kneading, and flapping.

This massage chair’s price is similar to any Panasonic massage chair India price. It is set with the shoulder automatic detection and location Set with characterized auto massage function. This chair also focused on the upper body, lower body, and has six kinds of automatic features set with memory on function M1 and M2.

It has 3 options manual massage for the upper body – fixed, partial, and overall message. And five levels of speed adjustable like flapping, shiatsu, and knocking. With 4 airbags at the upper arm set and 16 airbags in the leg set.

This massage chair is one of the best-designed massage chairs out there. You should definitely consider this one.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 6: Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair With Bluetooth & Zero Gravity

Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair With Bluetooth & Zero Gravity

Boyfriend MOM 4D massage chair is designed with one of the most advanced technology that is the Automatic Body Scan to suit different height persons. It will scan your body and adjust the rollers to reach all areas of your body.

It has Multiple Air Bags in all parts of the chair be it in your Back, Head or Foot. This chair also has Bluetooth Music Play & Intensity Control.

This massage chair can move the rollers along the track either up and down, or left and right, which will provide a deeper massage than other than massage chair online.

This massage chair’s price is moreover similar to Panasonic massage chair India price. It also has five levels of speed adjustable in the state of flapping, shiatsu, and knocking.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 7: JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair Amazon for Home and Office

JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair amazon for Home and Office

JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair Amazon is one of the best investments one can do in a massage chair online. It is specially designed for home space. With a focus on zero gravity, this massage chair is specifically designed to help you relax and have a pain-free experience.

It comes with some of the most amazing features like Full Body Airbag & Roller Massage, Soothing Heat, 3D rollers for more customized massage, Foot Rollers as well as an addition of doorstep engineer visit facility in all metro cities and nearby towns.

JSB also provide free pick up and drop service for service of products.

JSB MZ16 full body massage chair also provide some of the great solutions like- Promotes blood circulation, Proper Foot Care, BackPain Relief and Full Body Relaxation.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 8: JSB MZ19 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office

JSB MZ19 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office

JSB MZ19 Full Body Massage Chair with Luxury 3D Space Saving Design is designed in a way that it needs just 6 cm at the Back to Recline. It is also very easy to Adjust the shoulder airbags manually as per your shoulder’s width.

It has some of the most amazing functions like Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Wide Roller Coverage, Knock, Air Squeeze, Thumping, One Button Start, Compact & Handy Remote as well as a Full Customized Soothing Heat along with Roller Massage.

This chair has the BEST IN CLASS SPOT MASSAGE: which can Target Specific Zones on Your Back with any Massaging Mode.

If compared with Panasonic massage chair India price, this massage chair’s price is a little more but has a lot of additional features like Two Modes Memory – by which you can save their favorite mode for repeating it in future.

Also has Air Bags on the shoulder/arms/legs as well as the foot. You CAN ADJUST TO ANY USER HEIGHT

JSB has specially designed this chair keeping in mind the Foot Relaxation one desires and has added: Leg Airbag Massage, FOOT ROLLER Massage in Sole, Scrapping Massage on Ankle and Calf as well as Ankle Lift Air Bag Massage.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 9: KosmoCare Zero Gravity Chair with 6 Massage Rollers and Heating System

Zero Gravity massage Chair india

KosmoCare Massage chair is made with zero gravity position which provides a total relaxed position. Helps to maintain bodily functions at an optimal level.

It has PATENTED 6 ROLLER BACK MASSAGE MECHANISM with 5 Key massage techniques (Kneading, Tapping, Kneading Tapping Combo, Shiatsu, and Rolling).

This chair has a total of 34 AIRBAG MASSAGE SYSTEM for shoulder, arm, hand, thigh, calves, and feet. It also has a special feature of LOWER LUMBAR HEAT THERAPY for proper blood circulation. Its DUAL FOOT ROLLER with HEEL SHIATSU PRESSURE creates triple action for your tired feet

It is FULL CUSTOMIZATION OF MANUAL SETTING with 3 back massage speeds & width control, 3 airbag intensity control, 3 massage zone, 2-foot roller speeds. And supports up to 320 lbs capacity. And this body massager machine price is similar to any other massage recliner chair price in India.

Best Massage Chair In India No. 10: Lifelong Low Budget Full Body Massage Chair with Recliner.

Lifelong Low Budget Full Body Massage Chair with Recliner

Lifelong Massage Chair is the best Low budget massage chair in India. With such a low price Lifelong’s recliner with massager has almost all same necessary features that a High-end massage chair offers.

They are specially designed focusing on each and every part of the body like one set of the chair is specially designed for the neck which can be adjusted up and down. It also has various sets of massage mechanisms and is inbuilt with 3 simulation massage methods: Kneading, tapping, and sync with kneading and tapping.

This chair also provides relief from back pain. Moreover, the intensity of the massage can also be adjusted and move the rollers up and down on your back. This massage chair is designed keeping in mind all the problems that a user faces like Strong rollers are installed on the top of the machine to provide you a comforting neck massage.

You can control the functions of the chair with a single push of a button. You can also control the intensity of air pressure on your hands, legs, and calf. This recliner full body massaging chair is made with supreme quality leather that gives an elegant finish.

It also comes with In-built BlueTooth speakers and a Mobile USB charger in front of the panel to improve your massage experience. This is the best cheap full body massage a chair can deliver to help minimize stress and remove stiffness and tension.

Types Of Massage Chairs

There are 4 main types of massage chairs with its own features and advantages.

1. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

As explained above in the important features a massage chair must-have. Zero gravity was on the Top of the list. This shows the importance of Zero Gravity in a Massage Chair. Keeping this in mind nowadays almost all the Massage Chairs are made like a Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

While using the Zero gravity massage chair the user’s body is reclined very smoothly till a given fixed position without putting any weight on the body. This gives the user, somewhat similar feeling that an astronaut feels in space this is why it is called a zero gravity massage chair.

One of the best branded body massager which specializes in the feature is the Robotouch zero gravity massage chair India.

2. Recliner Massage Chairs

The main difference between a Zero Gravity Massage Chair and a recliner with Massager is that, in the zero-gravity massagers, the legs and chest are not at the same height, therefore there won’t be a free-floating feeling during the massage.

One should buy a recliner massage chairs if he/she likes to relax while watching TV or reading books.

3. Full Body Massage Chairs

Everyone knows the meaning of full body massage chairs. But very few might know the main difference between and Full Body Massage chair and a Recliner massage chair.

A full body massage chair is simply are designed to help in relaxing your entire body starting from your neck and to the legs. Full Body massage machine price is more expensive as compared to other types. This is mainly because they have a lot of features programmed in them.

4. Ottoman Massage Chair

Very few of you might have Heard of The Ottoman Massage Chair. But it really is a thing. These types of massage chairs do not have any special features like the Full Body massage chair has but they have got all the necessary features that a massage chairs has.

How To Choose a Massage Chair?

A Massage Chair is considered to be a luxury item. And ranges between 1Lac TO 4/5Lacs. Therefore before you buy, you should have a good read about the different features, different Massage Chairs offers.

So that you can buy the “The Best Massage Chair in India” as per your requirements.

1. Zero Gravity

You probably would have read this word in this article most time than you would have heard or read about it in your whole life. This shows how important this feature is in a massage chair.

Zero gravity lets you float in the air weightlessly. Whenever you leave your body freely and gets comfortable this feature gives you a “Feature Like feeling“.

As your body releases its pressure and tension from the body against the chair your body becomes parallel to the ground. And at the same time, the rollers and airbags work simultaneously to give an ultimate Luxury massage chair experience. Robotouch zero gravity massage chair India focused on this feature a lot.

2. Massage Types

This is the second most important feature that you must know before buying a massage chair. As the ultimate goal of a massage chair is to massage your body.

A good massage chair must have these massage systems in it – Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Vibrations, Knocking, and Rubbing

3. Heating System

The third most important feature a massage chair must have is Proper Heating system.

The Heating system helps you improve your blood circulation and metabolism. Most of the Massage Chair in today’s time have inbuilt heaters. This feature is an added advantage if you have some type of pain problem.

4. Roller Track

Nowadays Massage chairs usually have to types of Roller Tracks S-Track and L-Track.

The only difference between an S-Track and L-Track is that S-Track is an extension of the S-Track and goes from the neck to the lower back and further till the hamstring.

5. Recline Feature

The recline feature is something everyone knows of. Almost all the branded body massager chair nowadays is equipped with a recline function. As its one of that feature which helps you be in a more comfortable state.

6. Roller Movements

All the Massage chairs have mainly two types of technologies to assist the Roller Movement i.e 3D and 4D technologies. Both technologies move the rollers together and adjust them equally towards all the pressure points of your body.

The 3D technology helps the rollers to move up & down, forward & backward, and left & right, whereas the 4D technology in addition to the feature of a 3D one controls the speed of rollers too along with their movement directions.

7. Chair Size and Space

It’s a fact most of us know, that the massage chair takes a lot of space and is also heavy in size, so one must keep in mind that a full body massage chair is not like any other portable massage chair that you can move easily.

So, it’s advised to check out the product’s description and focus on the part where the massage chair’s dimensions are mentioned. So you won’t be surprised when the massage chair is delivered to you.

Mainly a Massage Chair will take up to 25 – 35 inches of space, and keep in mind, as most of the massage chairs are reclined, so it should be placed at some distance from the wall.

8. Height Range

If you are someone who is under 6 feet then you need not worry about the height of the chair. But if you are someone above that height range then you should read the description carefully because some of the people who are about 6 feet complained that the rollers didn’t hit the exact spots.

But it happens very rarely and with very few of the massage chairs. And in addition to that today, most of the Massage Chair manufacturers claim that this problem has been solved in all the massage chairs manufactured nowadays. But it’s still advised to check out the height specifications before the purchase of a massage chair.

9. Safety

Just let me clear this upfront. You shouldn’t worry about the safety of a massage chair in today’s time. The massage chairs are completely safe to use. Just read the manual carefully before using the chair.

Just make sure whenever any children or some elderly person uses the massage chair, there’s someone to supervise them. And also make sure to place the massage chair in a fixed place beside an electric board, so you don’t have to deal with the wires and the electric cords every time you want to use the relaxing chair.

10. Massage Length

This is something you would want to be unlimited, even I would love to be massaged by a chair massager or a masseuse for the whole day.

But that is also not good for you, if you used the massage chair a lot your muscles can get overworked and bruised. We recommend using the massage chair for like 20 – 30 minutes maximum, at a single time.

11. Memory

This function is one of the most important factors, which you should consider before buying a relaxing chair, as you wouldn’t want to choose the speed and massage style every time you decide to get a massage.

Once you understand the different features of the automatic massage chair, you can just set your favorite style and the speeds for future use.

12. Customer Reviews

Finally the main factor you should consider is the actual customer reviews of the Massage chair.

Most of the chairs mentioned in this article are of an Indian massage chair, which reviews we have read carefully and we have even compared these massage chairs’ features and prices to a normal massage chair price in Delhi. and Mumbai.

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Coverage Of The Massage Chair

A Full body massager is made keeping in mind these important parts:

  • Head Massager: For the people who frequently suffer from migraines and headaches.
  • Neck Massager: Helping people reduce stress and neck pain.
  • Hip Massager: Hip massagers in a Machine is one of the best part and the most comfortable part of a Massage Chair, which helps relieve the pain from the spine region.
  • Arm Massager: An Arm massager helps relax tension from the arms of the individual.
  • Foot Massager: Also one of the favorites which an individual desires. And also one of the most enjoyable parts of a Massage Chair.

Features To Keep In Mind While Shopping For The Best Massage Chair Online

1. Massage Roller Stroke

Massage Roller stroke is one of the important elements in providing a relaxing and effective massage.

It simply means the coverage of the massage, where Lower-end massage chairs have shorter massage stroke which reaches the neck area to the max, whereas High-end chair strokes are enough for covering the neck as well as the lower back area.

It also has a direct impact on the massage feels too.

2. Heating

Most of the high-end massage chairs have this feature in them. And is also one of the most liked features too. Heating pads are placed in the lower back area of the chair which provides heat to the back area. Some massage chairs also have a heat massage feature at the bottom feet area.

Most of the latest and advanced massage chairs use infrared rollers to providing heat, which is very comfortable.

The lumbar heating mechanism is used to warm the shoulders, back, neck, and buttock areas, which helps in relieving back pain. People suffering from the regular back problem would love this feature.

3. Air Compression

Almost all the branded body massager has this feature in their chair, in which the airbags compress and decompress continuously and push the muscles against them, which provides an effective massage experience. Almost all the areas of the body feel the Air compression feature of the massager.

Airbags are present at arms, shoulders, neck, feet, legs, and hips. More the number of Airbags present in a chair most is the comfort.

Some expensive and advanced massage chairs provide air pressure and mechanical massage together – which results in improving the massage experience.

4. Massage Power

The power of the massage is simply the quality of the Massage. How much you enjoy the massage can define the power of a massage. Some of us like the massages soft, while some like it rough.

We can read about the features, modes, and styles of massage the chair offers to get an idea of the power of the massager.

5. Remote Control

All the Massage chairs come with remote control. The remote makes it easier to control the functions of the massager like increasing or decreasing the intensity, controlling the speed, and switching on or off the machine, whenever you want.

6. 3D Massages

3D massage is a more advanced form of massage which offers better quality massage. High-end massage chairs use rollers and airbags together in a way that provides the best massage experience to its user.

More and more airbags are filled keeping in mind the comfort of the users. Massages in these chairs are way more relaxing and more enjoyable than the usual ones.

7. Bluetooth Compatibility

A must-have feature in a massage chair. It is just so perfect to have a relaxing massage chair which is controlled with a remote, which provides you comfort at the same time lets you listen to your favorite music.

You can simply sync your smartphone or music system with the massage chair and enjoy your favorite songs directly from the built-in speakers.

8. Spinal Stretch

If you ask me, this is one of the most important features of a massage chair. Almost all the high-end massage chairs have this feature. And all the new automatic massage chairs are also focusing on including it.

This feature helps stretch your back so that the pressure against your vertebrae is kept up to a minimum.

The combination of a zero-gravity feature and a Spinal Stretch feature works magically for people having spinal pain problems.

9. USB Port

Many Massage chairs have a USB Port inbuilt, to which you can connect your mobile phones, laptops, or any other device while enjoying your full body massage.

10. Muscle Stretch Massage

Similar to the spinal stretch feature the muscle stretch feature uses the air compression massage to warm up the muscles and then stretches it.

If you are someone who is into physical exercise like running, gyming, etc, you would love this feature. The muscle stretch massage is great for muscle recovery too

11. Acupressure Points

Not all the massage chair has Acupressure Points system in them, but some do. This feature enhances the massage experience by gripping feeling, because of which the massage seams more realistic, similar to that provided by a masseuse.

12. Massage Chair Material

The main material used in a Massage Chair is faux leather. Be it a high-end model or a low-end model. The only difference is in the quality of the faux leather.

Branded body massagers use faux leather instead of real leather is because real leather wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure produced by the airbags and the rollers.

13. Arm Massages

Most full body massage chairs use air compression massages for the arms region. They are made in a way that the arms are held in between individual pockets while the surrounding airbags compress your muscles.

14. Hip Massages

All the hips region of a massage chair is covered with airbags, mainly designed in a way to help hip pain relief.

Airbags compress your muscles and help in relieving the pain at the same time helping the muscles stretch.

15. Noiseless Massage chair

Though the Full body massage chairs look gigantic in size, they produce as little noise as they can.

And choosing a noiseless massage chair has a lot of advantages like you can use it while other members of your household are sleeping or they are doing some work. It gives the user of the Massager a sense of calm and comfort.

16. Cup Holder

Having a cup holder is an additional advantage to all the other features in the massage chair. Some of us simply like sipping water while getting a massage. And most of the massage chairs have it.

17. Probability

A full body massage chair is different from a fully portable massage chair. Though some massage chairs are portable, it is not very easy to move the chair frequently from one place to another simply because of its size and weight.

But some of the chairs have casters, which you can use to move the chair from one place to other.

Demo of How a Full Body Massage Chair Works.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Brand of Massage Chair is the Best in India?

After considering so many Brand reviews for the past year, we have determined that the Best Brand for a Massage Chair is JSB Healthcare, Robotouch, and Lifelong.

2. Are massage chairs worth the money?

Massage chair used to be considered a Luxury, but nowadays it’s becoming more of a necessity for a lot of people who are working most of the day 24/7 and don’t have time to go to a massage parlor to get a massage.

For those people, a massage chair is definitely worth the price because of the benefits and the functionalities they offer.

3. What is the Price of a massage chair in India?

The Best massage chair price in India can range from Rs.30000 to Rs.300000. Depending on the features and functions offered by the machine.

4. How long can you sit in a massage chair?

It is not recommended to sit in a massage chair for more than 20 – 30 minutes, at a single time. Using a massage chair for more than that may cause unnecessarily stressing of the central nervous system and may cause damage and inflammation in the body tissues

Though you can use the massage chair two to three time in a single day.

4. How and where you can buy a massage chair?

You can either purchase the massage chair from a local massage equipment store or order it online from the Amazon, website.

5. Will you get the same warranty period if you buy the massage chair online?

Yes, you will get the same warranty period and after-sales support either way. Just check the prices both online and offline and choose the best deal.

6. What should you not do after a massage?

It is advised that you should not consume caffeine or alcohol just after a massage session. Drinking water or glucose is a good practice you should consider after a long massage.

7. Is massage chair good for health?

Yes, the massage chair has a lot of advantages as it helps in treating chronic back pain, muscle pain, stiffness as well as helping with stress and weakness.

8. Is it OK to take a bath after body massage?

According to, it is advised to take a nice hot shower after a massage to increases blood flow in your body and assists with the relaxation of muscles

9. Do massage chair use a lot of electricity?

Not really. An average massage chair consumes anywhere around 200 to 300 watts depending on the quality of the product.

10. Are massage chairs dangerous? Who should not use a massage chair?

People with weak bones, unhealed wounds, infectious diseases, skin issues, circulatory ailments, are advised not to use the massage chairs without medical supervision.

Everyone else can use it but make sure if children or some elderly person uses the massage chair, there’s someone to supervise them.

11. Is it safe for a pregnant lady to use a massage chair?

It is advised to seek your doctor’s advice first to be on the safe side and even after granting permission by the doctor, do not spend more than 10 to 15 minutes on a massage chair.

12. How effective is the Heat Therapy of the massage chair?

The article Benefits of Heat Therapy by OSIM is it clearly mentioned that heat therapy has a lot of great effects on a person suffering from chronic pain such as arthritis. And can be benefited from the heat provides by the massage chair.

13. How much space do massage chair needs?

Most massage chairs take up about 25-33 inches of space in width.

Conclusion ( Our Best Pick )

After reading this article on The Best Massage Chair In India with Price, you must have gotten an idea about all the important things about a massage chair.

Some of you might only need a leg massage chair or a foot massage chair specifically, or some of you can even consider a manual Body massager for your home. But a full body massage chair is something which will be very effortless and can be used for a long time, so consider all the factors carefully and choose the massage chair which best suits your needs.

But if we get to recommend the best-selling massage chair among all the products mentioned above it would be the JSB MZ30 Massage Chair for Home.

For any other queries related to choosing the best massage chair for home, feel free to comment below. We at Fitnessvision will definitely help you out as soon as we can.