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Can We Lose Weight on Exercise Bikes? 101 ULTIMATE GUIDE

In this post, we are going to answer your question: “Can you lose weight on exercise bikes?” The simple answer is yes you definitely can.

It’s just how you go about it because a lot of people can spend a lot of time exercising on a bike and find that they aren’t making as much progress as they like to.

We just like to demystify a lot of points on there. The importance of cardio and other elements that are brought in together to help you lose weight because we don’t want you putting in a lot of effort on the bike and then it not paying off, We want all our hard work to pay off so we’re going to get right into the nitty-gritty of how to lose weight on an exercise bike because you definitely can.

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Can We Lose Weight on Exercise Bikes

How can we lose weight on Exercise Bikes?

How you lose weight in general: The Key Principle for losing weight is your calories and creating what’s called a calorie deficit which just means that you are pretty much eating less calories than you are burning throughout the day.

So what comes into play here is that with an exercise bike, it help you burn more calories so they’ll help you increase how much energy you’re actually using throughout the day and it’s easier to actually create that calorie deficit.

Your bikes will help you create that but it’s not wholeheartedly the main contributor to weight loss.

The next important part is actually your exercise. If you have got the concept of calorie deficit, the next important thing is- How long do you need to exercise? How frequently are you going to exercise? and another element of it is How intense you’re going to exercise?

When you get an answer to these questions, how you’re going to actually burn fat, you don’t have to go in like all goons blurs and you don’t have to be doing it every single day to reap the benefits, in fact we don’t recommend it we actually recommend about two or three times a week.

Anything is beneficial so anything that you can do and squeeze it in as and around your busy lifestyles is a huge benefit but if you can try and get in a three workouts a week that’s perfect and just allow your muscles time to recover between those workouts as well.

For example if there are 48 hours to recover that’s really good next is the duration of the workout and how intense you go in to work inside that so you can either do it two ways you can work in short blasts but at high intensity or you can work over a longer duration a lower intensity.

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Example of Effective Workout with Exercise Bike:

1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – The first example of an effective workout is HIIT Training which is High-intensity interval training meaning you can get a really good workout in and burn a lot of fat in a short space of time so you can be working at your maximum intensity for about a minute mainly around 70 to 80 percent of your maximum effort.

Workout as hard as you can and then you bring it back down and you rest for another minute and then you’ll go back up to that high intensity for another minute and then bring it back down and keep repeating that process generally for about 20 minutes.

By that point, you will be absolutely streaming as well and you’ll burn a lot of calories in that short space of time.

2. Low-Intensity steady-state (LISS) – Another variation is a Low Intensity Version in which you will do a half an hour to a 40-minute bike workout or even longer then you want to be working out more in the region of say 40 to 50 percent of your waking habits.

Or you can also do a much Lower Intensity to keep you in that fat-burning zone otherwise if you start to work at a high intensity over a long period of time, you will actually start to lose your muscle because your body tries to get the energy where it can as quickly as it can, so you can be taking the energy from places you don’t want to that is your muscle.

As long as you’re working at a low intensity over a longer period of time and at a high intensity over a short period of time you’ll be maximizing How you burn fat most effectively.

Most Important Factor to Lose weight: Nutrition

Next up is the most important point that is Nutrition– of all because putting in the effort on the bike can all go to waste if you get your nutrition wrong.

Which everybody really hates to hear but unfortunately it’s never going to go away and it is the most pivotal point of your weight-loss journey and you’re just changing your lifestyle as a whole. It needs a total lifestyle change for it to happen, so it really got to have a holistic view to actually change around your lifestyle to really help you reap the benefits of the effort that you put in.

One actual thing about it though is that carbs are the enemy, believe it or not, we do recommend having them only a specific time, on your training days when you have been doing a workout, carbs grit because your body and your muscles need those carbs to help fuel and also help you make you feel more energized throughout the day.

So if you can try and increase your carbon intake through your training days, which is your pasta, bread, and rice that’s all okay, you’re good to go even porridge and have a little bit pre-workout and some more post-workout throughout the day as it works.

And on your rest is you can reduce the carbs and get your energy from healthy fats like nuts, salmon which is a really good source of healthy fats, you can also have avocado and another bunch of different things, that can get those healthy fat stores in.

You would also going to need a good protein intake and just keep a really close eye on your saturated fats and your sugar levels as well just to make sure they aren’t going too high.

So that’s mainly it on How nutrition can help maximize the results from your Exercise bike workouts. As long as you keep your Nutrition on Point you can definitely lose weight on exercise bikes.

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What type of Exercise Bike is Best for Weight Loss?

There’s mainly four different types of Exercise Bikes:

  1. Dual Action Bike – This is really effective for Hit training as well as for your interval training because it can elevate heart rate really quickly because you’re also bringing in your upper body as well as you use it.
  2. Upright Bike – Next type of Exercise Bike is the Upright Bike, which looks very similar to the Dual Action Bike, but it doesn’t have movable arms on it. Your arms are just fixed in one place, you cant move them as you exercise. They’re really good for having built-in programs, multiple resistance levels, which allows you to choose, whether you want to workout high intensity or low intensity.
  3. Recumbent Bikes – Next is the Recumbent Bikes, which are set at a more horizontal position which places less stress on your knees and they also have back support as well if you have any back troubles. You can’t really work a higher intensity with the Recumbent Bikes, but they’re really good for that low-intensity style training for a longer period of workout.
  4. Spinning Bike – Last but not least you have your Spinning bikes which are really good for your hit training but you can use them again for your low-intensity training as well. Spinning bikes mainly replicate Road Cycling.

These are just some types of Air Bikes, you can choose anyone which suits you.


To Conclude You definitely can lose weight on Exercise Bikes, but Nutrition plays a very important role in it.

If you’re doing short workouts you just need to work at a high intensity to really maximize your fat burn and the calories burn and if you’re working over a longer duration 30 to 40 minutes just keep it to a lower intensity and just find a bike the the kind of aligns with how you want to exercise as well.

A lot of Air Bikes come with various different features built into them but as long as you’re catering for what works for you and really thinking about what your goals are a lot of the time you might not need all of those features that are there if you just following these basic principles to help you reach your goal.

You can also change the resistance levels to help increase your muscle mass a little bit. Don’t be concerned about a specific way to work out, just try not to get too fixated on your specific way or the skills because you can increase your muscle mass and decrease your fat at the same time if your nutrition is perfect.

I hope you found this post useful if you have any questions just comment on it in the comment box.